Apro GreenTech is a sustainable environment consultancy and solution providing firm which looks for creative, innovative ways to treat waste and incorporate renewable energy in our day to day lives. We are constantly coming up with creative ways to a greener future and to combat the growing influence of climate change and global warming. We believe it is our duty to alleviate the growing environmental crisis all over the world, especially in India, and are looking for support in our endeavours.


One of our key achievements was in 2013, when we made roads in a Mumbai suburb using recycled tires and plastic “roads from waste”. We were the first in India to make Solar Tree installations across the country, thus promoting the use of renewable energy. Since then, we’ve set up scientific recycling centers and other innovative ways to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We frequently launch eco-friendly initiatives and campaigns. A few of our most popular products include Smart Shading, Solar Charging Stations, Natural Water Coolers and Recycling Machines. Our projects have been mentioned in the BusinessLine, DNA, Griha India, Times of India, Hindustan Times, NDTV, Mumbai Mirror, Mid-Day and other media sources.




Email: info@aprogreentech.in

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Our wide range of projects aim to provide functional and sustainable solutions to modern environmental problems.



Harnessing and transforming the power of renewable energy into sustainable solutions 

Sustainable Advertising

Use creative and innovative forms of low-energy advertisements



Constructing low-cost and functional solutions like housing and toilets



Using cutting-edge machines and techniques in order to efficiently recycle waste

Urban Beautification

Beautify your surroundings with our innovative DIY initiatives and workshops

Green Innovations

Convert waste to roads, recycle energy and many other cutting-edge innovations

Green Initiatives

Participate in our various environmental campaigns and make a difference