Smart Shading

Smart shading that provides shade, harvests rainwater and lights up with solar - all at the same time.


This sustainable product delivers performance and aesthetics to elevate the environment around you. The 1080W is the world’s first integrated, plug-and-play system that combines shading, clean water and intelligent lighting with great design. First-of-its-kind shade structure with integrated rainwater harvesting and solar powered lighting. The smallest shade can harvest upto 10,228 gallons of rainwater anually.


Apro Green tech provides complete greening solutions & execution. True to our tag line "Greening the Impossible". At Apro Green tech we offer products and solutions for multiple areas like renewable energy, harnessing wind energy, waste recycling & reusing, water cleaning & conservation & pollution control. We are constantly coming up with creative & innovative ways to a greener future.





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