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Material for open Access

If you are a corporate consumer of solar power, then there are ways to generate solar power as follows:

  • Onsite solar power plant (which might be on rooftop, ground mount or carport solar installation, Solar BIPV building integrated solar.

  • Group Captive solar power

  • Open access solar power 

  • Solar tree, solar benches

  • Motion sensor lights

  • Solar powered outdoor workstations

  • Solar pathway lighting

  • Solar powered signages

  • Wind solar hybrid


 Group captive solar (investing in solar)


Open access solar power (consumption of solar power through the grid)

How Open Access Solar Power Works 

  • Power will be generated from one of the state solar farms (typically in a rural area where land is freely available)

  • The Solar Power will be injected into the grid, into an existing sub-station

  • The power will then go through the existing grid infrastructure to large consumers in the state

  • The consumer for power could be a factory, an IT Park, a five-star hotel, a hospital, or anyone who has minimum contract  demand of 1000 kVA. 

How Group Captive  Works ?

     1.    Client will invest 26% of equity into the project, balance by investor from our side

     2.    Savings on power bills will start from COD of plant within 6 – 9 months of initialization 

     3.    AD benefit can be claimed.

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