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Waste to Roads

We observed that rain water accumulated in used tyres often turns into mosquito breeding grounds. However, disposing sposal of these used tyres & plastic waste in an eco-friendly manner is hard. We came forward with a solution to help and support the M.C.G.M. in its endeavor by maintaining ecological balance. After a large scale cleanliness drive initiated by Assistant Municipal Commissioner Shri. Sharad Ughade and his ward, we at Apro Greentech thought of making roads and filling up potholes with waste rubber and plastic. Around 1000 tyres were collected and sent for recycling saving over 40 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The Rubberized Asphalt Mix prepared was used to repair potholes at Padmabai Thakkar Road at Dadar (W) on 28 July 2013. Sustainable scientific recycling of used tyres and plastic bottles can be used for roads, potholes, sports surfaces, playgrounds, bumpers, construction, flooring, waterproofing and as a soil conditioner.