Apro GreenTech is Environment consultation firm. A solution provider which looks for creative, innovative ways to a greener future. We are constantly coming up with creative ways  to combat the growing influence of climate change and global warming. We provide complete greening solutions from purchasing renewable energy through open access solar, to setting up solar trees or treating waste and harvesting water the smart way. We believe it is our duty to alleviate the growing environmental crisis all over the world.



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Recycling and Segregation

We provide solid waste management solutions to recycle and earn Carbon Credits from waste collected in addition to organization assistance in delivering a profitable business that can attract commercial investment and provide employment opportunities, environment gain, and carbon reduction. Greening the Impossible is putting into action and devising various ways to treat and dispose waste. Apro Greentech, in collaboration with the MCGM, has set up scientific recycling units to treat waste at a larger scale. We have put up dry waste centers in Juhu & Dharavi. Our recycling centers convert waste into a variety of environmentally friendly products such as plastic flakes, biofuel, biochar & biogas. We also offer thermocol recycling and wet waste composting  and other services.

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Collect 500 pet bottles and win a recycled dustbin.


Collect 3500 pet bottles and win a recycled garden bench.


Collect 4500 Tetra Pak Cartons to win a recycled bench.


Collect 50,000 bottles and donate a Susloo.