Apro Greentech seeks to rid cities of landfills, the child labour involved in the collection and dumping process and fight against the unscientific treatment of waste as a part of the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. 


Indian cities are choking under the weight of waste. They generate approximately 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, and only 25% of this waste is processed, while the rest is dumped in landfills dotted across our urban centers. One of the primary reasons for the unfortunate proliferation of landfills is our inability to segregate waste.

According to the SWMR, all waste generators, including households, must segregate their waste into three categories—dry waste (plastic, paper, wood, metal), domestic hazardous waste (sanitary napkins, cleaning agents, diapers) and biodegradable's before they hand over their garbage bins to local collectors.

Apro Greentech has upcycled bins & tree guards made from waste & regular bins on wheels.





Apro Green tech provides complete greening solutions & execution. True to our tag line "Greening the Impossible". At Apro Green tech we offer products and solutions for multiple areas like renewable energy, harnessing wind energy, waste recycling & reusing, water cleaning & conservation & pollution control. We are constantly coming up with creative & innovative ways to a greener future.



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