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We use the plastic water bottles that litter India's roads, canals, gutters, rivers, oceans and allow people to live inside them. Not literally, What we at Apro GreenTech did was that we came up with a sustainable solution to build a house. Our mission is to eradicate plastic bottles that have affected the way we live. With this in mind, we have developed a technique to build with waste.

Apro Bricks are tightly compressed for structural strength and are very durable. They also regulate core temperature in the house, making it completely suitable for all weather conditions. Our Prototype home is located in Nagpur & near the hilly retreat of Lonavala (Maharashtra) is now ready. providing an environmentally smart strategy of chipping away at low cost sustainable eco friendly housing shortage in India and at the same time Create Carbon sinks till the structures stand.
The bottle construction can be done for:

  • Low cost housing

  • Cop cabins

  • Wells

  • Vilage Schools permanent & prefabricated structures

  • Watchman cabins

  • Benches

  • Ponds and anything you want to construct can be constructed out of waste

Waste to Homes

8,000 recycled tetra pack cartons can save 1 tree
15,000 recycled tetra pack cartons make 1 Susloo
6,500 recycled tetra pack cartons make 1 bench
6,000 recycled tetra pack cartons make 1 roofing sheet
5000 recycled tetra pack cartons make 1 school desk
150 recycled tetra pack cartons make 1 notebook
Waste to Homes
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