Solar Tech

Apro GreenTech Pvt. Ltd. provides the following Solar Tech:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems / Roof Top Systems / Solar Fields
  • Solar Charging Stations
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar Pathway Lighting
  • Solar Canopies
  • Solar Benches for public spaces
  • Solar Sheds
  • Solar Home Lighting
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar LED Systems

  • Solar energy generated via solar panels (also known as Photovoltaic Solar or PV solar) is one of the most sustainable ways we have of generating energy and electricity today. Solar panels are a proven, time tested, highly evolved technology and are ready for use. Solar panels are made of silicon. When they are hit by sunlight, the electrons of the silicon flow through wires that are built into the panels, which creates the electricity.

    Apro GreenTech Solar lighting systems will pay for itself in only about 2 years time. Apro GreenTech Solar photovoltaic panels are durable and do not require much maintenance, once in while cleaning of solar cell modules will be it. Average life time of solar power panels are 25 years, which justify the initial cost of solar panel.

    Solar systems work even when it's cloudy. Naturally, cloud cover reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the panels, but the system will produce some electricity and/or heat on all but the most overcast days.Every hour the sun beams onto Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and make it useable. Solar energy is lauded as an inexhaustible fuel source that is pollution and often noise free. The technology is also versatile.

    The daily average solar energy incident over India varies from 4 to 7 kWh/m2 with about 1500–2000 sunshine hours per year (depending upon location), which is far more than current total energy consumption. For example, assuming the efficiency of PV modules were as low as 10%, this would still be a thousand times greater than the domestic electricity demand projected for 2015.Usage of 11,000kWh of electricity, results in the emission of 23,122lbs per year of CO2 from burning coal. One Unit of energy saved at consumption level reduces the need for fresh capacity creation by around 2.5 times. This means that a Unit saved at consumer end (Plant / Facility / Home) is equivalent to 2-2.5 Units generated at the power station.

    PV Solar has one of the shortest Energy Payback period (2-4 years) among all renewable technologies.The usage of solar energy or power is cent percent environment friendly and does not create any pollution. Like most of he other energy sources, it doesn't release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide or mercury into the atmosphere, which pollute the air. A solar energy system is capable of operating independently, without any connection to a power or gas grid. Therefore, such systems can be installed even in remote locations, which make solar energy cost-effective, when compared to the costs incurred by the supply of utility electricity to a new site.Solar Energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. Solar Power therefore, actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions. Solar energy produces no waste and no pollution. Therefore limiting your impact on climate change and global warming.

    Solar Power is Quiet. In fact, solar panels are silent. They convert sun light into electricity without making a sound.When fossil fuels are burned, particulate matter is released into the air, regardless of efforts to reduce these emissions. The result can affect the environment in the form of smog, and in certain cities, this can pose serious health problems for residents. Also, carbon monoxide is created when fuel combustion is incomplete. This gas is a health hazard, even in low doses. Energy produced by solar systems does not contribute to air pollution.

    Coal, natural gas and oil are limited resources, which we are using up at an incredible rate. Developing countries are now adding to the demand for these fuels. Also, oil is used in many ways other than producing energy, such as in the manufacturing of plastic products, thus using oil reserves even faster.

    Solar energy from the sun is unlimited. Apro GreenTech Pvt. Ltd. Solar powered L.E.D. poles are sustainable off grid renewable energy.

    Apro GreenTech "Greening The Impossible" doing what others think impossible makes us special.

    Solar EV Canopy

    Electric Vehicles (EVs) feature rechargeable batteries that supply energy to propel the vehicle. When you drive, the car consumes the battery's stored electricity. The charging station helps to refill your battery with electricity, just like filling your current car with gas. You don't need great weather to make it work.You're still replacing power generated by burning coal. "Charging infrastructure will be ubiquitous. It's Apro GreenTech's mission to make sure that it's all renewably energized." Installation is fast, requires minimal space and is design adaptable. Each station simply uses solar panels to collect solar energy and a special module for electric cars to connect to the batteries Electric vehicles seem finally to have gained a solid foothold. With continued adoption, there will be an increasing need for access to charging locations. We recognize that many drivers today do most of their charging at home, but many others still require access to a robust nationwide charging station network before even considering the purchase of an electric vehicle.APRO Surya Tree will receive 900+ units of solar charge in the form of electricity each year and by shifting to L.E.D powered solar lighting systems instead of high powered sodium bulbs we save on a large number of units of electricity per year.

    Solar Garden Sheds

    Solar Rooftops

    Solar Bench

    Solar Street Lights

    Solar Pathway Lights

    Solar Parking Sheds

    Solar Heaters


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