Solar EV Canopy

Electric Vehicles (EVs) feature rechargeable batteries that supply energy to propel the vehicle. When you drive, the car consumes the battery's stored electricity. The charging station helps to refill your battery with electricity, just like filling your current car with gas. You don't need great weather to make it work.You're still replacing power generated by burning coal. "Charging infrastructure will be ubiquitous. It's Apro GreenTech's mission to make sure that it's all renewably energized." Installation is fast, requires minimal space and is design adaptable. Each station simply uses solar panels to collect solar energy and a special module for electric cars to connect to the batteries Electric vehicles seem finally to have gained a solid foothold. With continued adoption, there will be an increasing need for access to charging locations. We recognize that many drivers today do most of their charging at home, but many others still require access to a robust nationwide charging station network before even considering the purchase of an electric vehicle.APRO Surya Tree will receive 900+ units of solar charge in the form of electricity each year and by shifting to L.E.D powered solar lighting systems instead of high powered sodium bulbs we save on a large number of units of electricity per year.

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