Plastic Pelletizing Machine

Considering the characteristics of plastic, the machine combines the working principle of feed pellet mill. It can not only create significant economic benefits, but also do best to environment protection and optimize resource allocation.

Raw Material

It specializes in plastic pelletizing, particularly taking waste aluminum plastic composite panel as the raw material. Production of it can reach 160-200 kg/h.

Use of the Plastic Pellets

Except food industry, this renewable plastic pellets can be widely used in any other field, like clothing, construction, agriculture, chemical, machinery industry and so on. Beyond that, they can also apply to electrical equipment industry and electronic communications industry.

Main Features
  • Scientific and reasonable structure;
  • Running with low noise;
  • No need of auxiliary electric heating equipment;
  • High pelletizing rate;
  • High intensity and slippery skin;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;

Solid Fuel Production

       Feed                              Combustible waste including plastics, wood, and paper
       Processes                      Separation and pelletization
       Main equipment             Sorter, separator, shredder and ring-die pelletizer
       Special features             Continuous feeding
       Main product                  Solid fuel

Liquid Fuel Production

       Feed                              Thermoplastics waste (excluding chlorine-containing plastics)
       Processes                      Pyrolysis
       Main equipment             Tank reactor
       Special features             Continuous feeding of scrap film by using an extruder
       Main product                  Hydrocarbon oil

Liquid And Gaseous Fuel Production

       Feed                              Thermoplastics waste and/or biomass (excluding chlorine-containing plastics)
       Processes                      Pyrolysis
       Main equipment             Rotary kiln with external heating
       Special features             Continuous feeding
       Main product                  Liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon

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